Luuk de Haan is represented by: Sous Les Etoiles Gallery,
New York

Minimalism and strong shapes go beautifully together in the work of Luuk de Haan.
The photographic works offer a glimpse into unknown territory, a convincing and clear parallel universe. A quiet and personal world, deep and as sober as colorful.

In his study of form and space De Haan creates new, poetic images. From black and white, or rather dark and light shades, to surprisingly colored. With his elusive geometric and organic forms he creates an aesthetic vision, a pure representation of the imagination.

The artist has mastered a historical technique. Therein, camera movement and in advance designed light sources, determine shape and composition. This approach creates a surprisingly amount of movement and depth; it lives.The same determination in shape, composition and colour is found in his drawings. Which are achieved with contemporary tools, like software programming and a digital pencil.

Luuk de Haan (Netherlands,1964) got his education at the ‘HKU School of the Arts’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He exhibited in numerous galleries like: Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam (NL); Gallery Vous êtes ici; Amsterdam (NL); Kaune Contemporary, Cologne (D); Volker Diehl Gallery, Berlin (D); Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York (USA); Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen. And is represented on art fairs like Art New York, Expo Chicago and Art Miami.